Payment and Refund Policy 


Rock Wall Technical Services LLC, an entity based in Business Bay Dubai  with a license number 881624 and a mailing address at, acts as a market place for delivery of Services (as defined below). This is Rock Wall Technical Services LLC policy for online Payments, Refunds and Cancellations (“Policy”). This policy applies only to activities Rock Wall Technical Services LLC engages in on its website and its mobile application  (collectively referred to as “Platform”) and does not apply to Rock Wall Technical Services LLC  activities that are “offline” or unrelated to the Platform.

Payment and Refund policy 

The Platform may offer its users to pay for services delivered by our service partners using their credit cards. In those cases, users will only be charged once their requests for service has been accepted  by a service provider.


The Platform user will receive payment confirmation by email on the email address given at the time of order, through a notification sent in an app, or both. The confirmation will be sent by Rock Wall Technical Services LLC after the payment has been processed as soon as practically possible.


Cancellations are fully refunded if communicated to Rock Wall Technical Services LLC at least 12 hours before service delivery is scheduled to take place. If a cancellation is made less than 12 hours prior to service, but before the scheduled service delivery, Rock Wall Technical Services LLC will not refund your payment. In case of “no show” by the user at the time of service delivery, no refunds will be provided.


In case of a “no show” by service provider and both Service Provider & Service Requester cannot agree on an alternate timing for Service delivery, the company will refund the full amount to the user and seek compensation for the refund from the service provider. It is the responsibility of the Service Requester to ensure to bring such cases to Rock Wall Technical Services LLC by emailing

Rock Wall Technical Services LLC will not be liable for a refund in case a Service Requester perceives that the service delivered by a service provider was unsatisfactory or caused damages to the Service requester’s property. Any issues with the quality of the Service or damages caused during the course of Service delivery will be reflected in the public ratings of Service Providers if brought in Rock Wall Technical Services LLC notice by emailing

The Company will attempt to mediate between the service requester and the service provider. The Company does this on a “best effort” basis and does not in any way guarantee that any compensation is paid to the user or that the user is refunded for the service cost. The Company may at its own discretion decide to partially or fully refund a user of the Platform.

Refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days depending on the issuing back of the credit card.

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